Olá! Nice have you here!

My name is Grete, but if you want you can also call me Dona Gretchen. From all the variations of my name that people have come up with here in Brazil, this is the one I found the funniest.

What is even more weird than getting your name twisted around, is to be an Estonian in Brazil. This is a tough challenge even for the adventurous and strong-hearted.

If you have read some of my posts you might have already guessed, that I actually am an Estonian who has been living in São Paulo, Brazil for four years now. I am a journalist & communication manager by education, a marketer during the day and the owner of this blog as well as a small jewelry business called Kivikê.

I love travelling, learning languages and finding out about different cultures. Studying cultural differences and how to deal with them in personal lives or a professional setting is what I love to do. And my mission is to share with my discoveries with you – to entertain but also educate and make your lives a bit easier when dealing with a culture shock.

Apart from Estonia and Brazil I have also lived in Barcelona, Spain – the city of my heart that I will never seize to miss – and worked for a very brief period during a summer break in Canada.

My story is full of laughter, culture shocks, self-doubt and great lessons. So bear with me, little by little (but not necessarily in chronological order), I will tell you all about it. And we might even learn something,you and me both.

You may ask: “Why is being an Estonian in Brazil even worth writing about?” Well, you might find an answer to this question from my first post, which explains what we, Estonians, are like.

Yours sinceriously,

Grete aka Dona Gretchen

Contact: livingitbrazilian@gmail.com

Facebook: Living It Brazilian

Instagram: #livingitbrazilian



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  1. Retrato says:

    Nice blog. Hope to visit Brazil soon.

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  2. Maila Tiffany says:

    Viimati ma olen leidnud sind, mu kallis venna tütre tütar. Seda tegin läbi Kerli Facebook’ i. Mõtlen sinust tihti ja sa oled minu palves iga päev. Mitu aastad tagasi töötasin ühe sõbraga kes oli sündind Brasiilias. Meie kohtusime Chicagos aga kui ta tagasi läks oma kodumaale siis ta jäi mul kaotama. By the way my dear, your English is perfect. Estonian Facebook translators could benefit greatly from your services. Some of the way they translate Estonian into English gives me a chuckle. Your grandfather and I are growing old. I feel so blessed that we had that time together in Estonia. I am a sickeningly sentimental person and finding you has filled me with great joy. Those memories of all of you are very precious to me. I am a real dunce when it comes to electronics, but I wi. Attempt to follow your “blog”! Kalli, kalli mu armas tüdruk. Tädi Maila

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