Two Countries to Call Home

After weeks full of celebrations, seeing family and friends and running some errands during the Christmas time and New Years in Estonia, I am back in Brazil and wondering more than ever about the marvelous ways life rolls out in front of us.

This June it will be ten years since I graduated from college. On the night of graduation a group of four great friends took a bottle of wine, some paper, pens and an envelope to the most romantic spot in my hometown and wrote down their deepest wishes that they hoped would be fulfilled in ten years’ time.

This group was us, of course, me and my three amazing friends from high school. After each of us was done eternalizing their dreams on a pink notepaper, we slipped them in an envelope to be sealed until the four of us would come together again the exact same day, 10 years later to see if our wishes had come true.

That night I could not even have imagined what life would have in store for me and that those 10 (then seemingly oh-so-distant) years later, I would literally be living on the other side of the world in a completely different culture with the love of my life and our sweetest dog. I mean, I did hope that I would be realized and happy but I guess I did not dare to dream in terms that went even a pinch further from abstract.

Having become an adult (well, for most of the time) and living far, far away did eventually alter our romantic plans to open the letters exactly 10 years later, but we did come together once more in my hometown in December. Just the four of us and the sealed envelope. All of us nervous yet excited.

All I can say about the results is that there was laughter and joy; there were surprises, tears and some temporary pain caused by remembering old insecurities. Nevertheless, what stuck out the most was how in spite of not seeing each other daily anymore like ten years ago, with some of us living in faraway exotic countries or having had children had not changed us as friends. It was still the same. It was warm, trusting, comfortable and fun. Even though we were not up to date with the details of each other’s daily lives anymore, our essence and appreciation for each other had stayed the same. And it was amazing.

When meeting up with family members and more friends after having not seen them for a year and a half that very same feeling kept sweeping over me repeatedly. All of us had news, all of our lives had changed in some ways, yet it felt as if everything was the same as it had always been. This really must be what real friendship and love is all about.

At the same time I have grown to deeply appreciate my life in Brazil and the family and relationships I have formed and become a part of here. These all are relatively new if you compare them to family and friends that I grew up with. But I can assure you that they all are very carefully picked and are no less genuine than the connections forged some decades ago. After all, home is where the heart is.

Think about it. A person that has a warm home where they feel loved, trusted, fulfilled and cared for, is incredibly lucky.  A person that has more than one of those, however, making them realize just how precious and rich life is, is blessed beyond measure.

I might sound too romantic and sentimental, but, hey, you are always too something for someone else’s taste, right?! I am happy and so very grateful that those 10 years that my friends and I had been counting since the night of our graduation have brought me exactly where I am today.

Nevertheless, if I could make another wish for the next decade, it would definitely be teletransportation. Asap, please.


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  1. Eha says:

    is it not wonderful when one can be ‘teleported’ to a previous time to remember, smile and catch up onto the ‘todays’ in a hurry ! I have lived in Australia as an Estonian expat many more years than you in Brazil . . . miracles happen 🙂 ! Methinks the first came about a year back when an early university beau kind’of ‘found me’ . . . . we have both been married more than once and brought up families and lived our lives but it is fascinating how much we still have in common, how warmly we think about what is happening in our families now and remember what happened then : the glorious guy even remembered I was too starched to allow the proverbial ‘good night kiss’ at the time 🙂 ! The second occurred just a matter of a week or two ago, when gf knocked on my door with an email address of a guy whom I met on my journey > Australia: well, he was 15 and I 13 . . . . and we did not quite know how to ‘flirt’ but had our tummies turn cartwheels when we met 🙂 !! That too is being picked up in an adult form and with great pleasure . . . time and natural changes . . .

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  2. moragfgardner says:

    Beautiful post and exactly how I feel about my life. I have my family and friends from high school days (and later in life) in Scotland and I also have a ‘family’ of close friends in Saudi Arabia where I currently wish.

    Like you, my one wish for the future would be teleportation!

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  3. Romy says:

    Thanks for your post 🙂 I just moved to Brazil myself and I’m loving it even though I wonder/worry about how things will go with my friends and family at home. It was comforting to read your story.

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    1. I am happy my text helped you! I was worried about this too, that is why I was overjoyed to see that your closest friends and family will always be there and continue to hold you dear no matter the distance 🙂


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