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During this prolonged absence of mine I found out something important about myself that definitely needs to be taken into account if I wish to continue writing this (or any) blog.

It turns out that I only actually write if I write about the things I really feel like writing about, not the ones that I think I should write about. Sounds a bit confusing put in one sentence, but it actually makes a lot of sense to me now. So that is why you have not seen me around.

I have not just been slacking off, though. I do have two or three half-ready posts somewhere at the bottom of my digital desk drawer. I probably never want to see any of them again. Mostly, because all of the posts I had been working on, were about important or relevant things. They all included thorough research and valuable insights. They were all programmed to contribute to your knowledge bank. You know, the kind of texts that a dedicated planner figures have to be written because they fit the carefully crafted profile, “the brand”, if you may…

While it might be a more professional approach, it is also the exact reason you have not seen me here for months. I have not even opened the statistics page, I swear!

That is how tired having to conform to the model makes me. I am in a continuous metamorphosis myself, so why should my blog stay put?

So, to the heck with it! As this is a personal project, from now on, I will treat it as such. My blog is not about travel tips or the news, it is about my unique and subjective way of experiencing life and adapting in Brazil.

Expect more stories and some occasional insights, less trying to please and more saying what I actually think. You may like it, you may not, but in the end, this is all just about how one person makes sense of the world 🙂


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